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7 Secrets of Confession Questions

7 Secrets of Confession Questions

Please answer the following questions.

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7 Secrets of Confession Questions

Secret 1 - Sin Doesn’t Change God

Sin brings me into the cave – Confession brings me out!

Secret 2 - It’s Not Just About Forgiveness

God wants to get rid of our misery!

Secret 3 - Your Sin is Different From My Sin

Am I going to spend my life in a mechanical observance of “do’s and don’ts” or am I going to respond to the personal love of God?

Secret 4 - Confession is Never Really Private

All of Heaven rejoices!

Secret 5 - You’ve Got Mail

Confession takes us to the Cross!

Secret 6 - New Wine Needs New Skin

Confession is God’s arrival to my home!

Secret 7 - You Have to Let Go of Your Chains

The way we get rid of our chains is by giving them to Christ on the Cross!

Afterword - Change Your Oil

Confession is spiritual maintenance but don’t wait until you need an overhaul!

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