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Cambria Mission

Queen of Americas Mission Update - June 2020

The seasonal workers have returned to work in the canning factories in Cambria. Various priests from around the Diocese have volunteered to celebrate Mass for this community on Sunday evening at 6:30 p.m. at the Mission.

We are looking for a few volunteers who are familiar with the Mission to be there to help set up for Mass and clean up afterwards.

If you would like to help in this ministry please contact Deacon Dick Martin at for more information and training.

In addition, we have provided the community with rosaries, Bibles, and Catechisms, along with some marriage preparations materials.

Queen of Americas Mission in Cambria

The Queen of Americas Mission in Cambria, WI is the church for the seasonal workers that work at the various canning factories in Cambria. The church building is in need of a great deal maintenance. In addition, the community really can't afford items for mass that we take for granted such as candles and missalettes. Also, the mission does not have bathrooms or running water and they store the lawn mower in the church.

St. Maria Goretti has adopted the Queen of Americas Mission as our "mission" parish. We are working with the Diocesan Building Commission to:

  • make necessary repairs and upgrades to the church building including installing a new electrical system;
  • add a shed, bathrooms and running water to the site;
  • build a shrine to Our Lady of Guadalupe for the community.

Once there are bathrooms and running water at the site we hope that it can used by youth groups and other parishes when it is not being used by the seasonal community.

Cambria Updates

New Doors Blessing - July 2019

Thank you to Tom and Colin Wildenborg for installing the new doors at the Queen of Americas Mission. Through a grant from the Diocesan Annual Catholic Appeal and our Outreach Fund the Mission now has a 10 ft. ladder to change lights, new metal cabinets to store cleaning and church supplies, a port-a-potty for the summer (there are no bathrooms on site), new missalettes, rosaries and bibles along with the new doors for the Church.

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